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Le Porteur T-robot is the only autonomous robot of its kind – it works outdoors and collaborates with people to carry out heavy and repetitive manual tasks.

Le Porteur T-robot will help you transport heavy loads easily and efficiently:

Le Porteur T-robot works on steep and difficult terrain under challenging weather conditions.

Le Porteur T-robot is intelligent, easy to manipulate, and has a zero-turn radius.

• Easy to operate;
• Can carry up to 200kg;
• Operates indoors and outdoors;
• Easily customizable to your environment;
• The upper platform can be adjusted;

• Accurate obstacle detection and avoidance;
• Working area map creation;
• Able to follow a person or navigate using GPS coordinates;
• Registers the path is taken and repeats as necessary;

• Inbuilt data collection and analytics (e.g. hours worked, loads carried);
• Safe for operators;
• Single-robot or multi-robot path-planning;
• Real-time robot management system.


Le Porteur is a tech start-up that is building smart, collaborative autonomous robots to make your work safer and more productive. Our international team brings together expertise and experience from six countries.


We believe that our robots can free your time up by performing monotonous manual work, allowing you to focus on more value-added tasks in the workplace.

We are excited to help industries shift more of their monotonous work to our robots and to increase employee safety at work.

Our team and our robot are constantly learning to adapt to the needs of the industry. We aim to create the first customizable, semi-autonomous platform that anyone can use. We started the development of a mobile base module, Le Porteur T-robot, and are now building a customizable upper platform to remove monotonous manual lifting tasks from the workplace.

Our team brings together knowledge of mechanical engineering, software engineering, and robotic systems, with competence in business and management.


Slide Le Porteur in a warehouse Our robot will accompany you in the warehouse to carry heavy loads (e.g. pallets, stock-keeping units, totes). It will be your intelligent assistant. Slide Le Porteur in a vineyard Our robot will carry boxes of harvested grapes from the field. Its width can be adjusted to the distance between vine rows, and it operates steep and uneven terrain. Slide Le Porteur in a polytunnel Our robot will carry equipment and supplies across the site – from heavy bags of fertiliser to boxes of plants and growing equipment. Slide Le Porteur in a park Our robot will assist you during park maintenance work, carrying your tools, machinery, materials, water and garbage bins, for example. Slide Le Porteur in a construction site Our robot will move tools and heavy materials around a construction site, reducing the risk of industrial accidents or injury associated with manual lifting and transportation. Slide Le Porteur in a danger zone Our robot can carry a camera to record activity in hard-to-access spaces or places with a reduced security level. Slide Le Porteur in a hospital Our robot can support the delivery of equipment and medication across a hospital site. Slide Le Porteur in a hospitality Our robot can be used for outdoor deliveries in large resorts to improve service or to minimise human contact. Slide Le Porteur in a last-mile delivery Our robot will support last-mile delivery to improve services or to minimise human contact. It is ideal for recurring deliveries in gated areas. Slide Le Porteur in a your household You love gardening, but wheelbarrows keep your hands busy and still require physical effort. Our robot will assist you by transporting heavy and unwieldy items such as stones, bricks, compost, trimmings, and tools.


Are you looking for a solution to speed up manual work during harvesting or at other times of the year? Are you farming on steep or difficult terrain? Do you need support to survey and manage large territories? Are you tired of carrying plants and minerals to and from your polytunnels?

Are you looking for a special solution?

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Le Porteur will be widely customizable and can be adapted to the size and weight of loads. Additional functionality can be added where and when needed to match the requirements of your industry or workplace.

Le Porteur will listen to your needs and develop a customizable solution to these and other common problems in the agricultural, construction, horticulture, logistics, and security industries.


Pre-seed investment for market research in 2022 funded by the European Union

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Our robots can make your everyday transportation operations leaner, safer, and more cost-effective.

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